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   Biotraits database on temperature responses of biological traits


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Publication in J. of Animal Ecol. on asymmetric temperature responses between consumer and resource
Press release describing this work

NSF CAREER grant awarded to study architecture of vascular networks in plants and animals

Publication in Nature on how dimensionality of search space affects consumption rate (pdf)
Press release describing the work and Highlight in Faculty of 1000

Publication in PLOS One on how tumor vasculature and growth depend on tumor and host size

Publication in PNAS on ecoinformatics of thermal responses for biological and ecological traits
From the cover article that features and describes the work in this paper.

NSF grant awarded to study effects of temperature on consumer-resource interactions

      (courtesy of Duncan D. Smith and Erica I. von Allmen)                              (courtesy of Felice Frankel)
          Plant Networks                                       Scaling in Mammals


Contact Information

Associate Professor, Office LS-5205
Department of Biomathematics
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA 
Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA

Other Affiliations

UCLA Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department

Santa Fe Institute