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          Angicart software and database for vascular networks from 3D images
             Biotraits database on temperature responses of biological traits

Lab News

Publication in PLoS Comp. Biol. providing new, best tests of vascular models and
directions for new vascular models based on our angicart software for extracting
vascular data from 3D images

Publication in Am. Nat. on interpreting extremes of thermal response curves with
implications for climate change predictions

Publication in Advances in Ecological Research on trait-based models

James S. McDonnell Complex Systems Scholar Fellowship awarded to study emergent
interactions in microbial and consumer-resource networks

NSF EEID grant awarded to study how temperature change affects geographic spread of
mosquite-borne diseases

NSF DEB grant awarded to study how trait distributions and ecosystem productivity and diversity
responds to climate change in the Amazon

Publication in J. of Animal Ecol. on asymmetric temperature responses between consumer and resource
Press release describing this work

NSF CAREER grant awarded to study architecture of vascular networks in plants and animals

Publication in Nature on how dimensionality of search space affects consumption rate (pdf)
Press release describing the work and Highlight in Faculty of 1000

      (courtesy of Duncan D. Smith and Erica I. von Allmen)                              (courtesy of Felice Frankel)
          Plant Networks                                       Scaling in Mammals


Contact Information

Associate Professor, Office LS-5205
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Department of Biomathematics
Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA

Other Affiliations

UCLA Institute for Quantiative and Computational Biosciences

UCLA Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department

Santa Fe Institute